Bread and Chocolate

Not Just for Children

At first thought, bread and chocolate does not instinctively go together. Years ago my wife told me that when she was working as an au pair in Paris it was customary for French school kids to have chocolate bar baguettes as an after school treat. I thought she was taking the piss and then on one of my early trips to Paris I happened to walk by a school that was just getting out – and there in front of my eyes were the kids snacking on demi-baguettes filled with chocolate bars. My inner child was immediately intrigued and I headed off to the nearest bakery to give it a go – I was not disappointed. Bread and chocolate were a perfect match.

When I lived in Toronto, I would frequently take weekend road trips to visit friends in Hudson, Quebec. I always look forwarded to popping into the Premiere Moisson Bakery and loading up on a superb selection of French bread. It was here that I discovered chocolate and bread again. Hidden among the gingham covered mason jars of sweat pickle relish, home made ketchup and jams is a chocolate spread to die for. The sauce became a staple in my fridge (reserved for weekends only), I would enjoy it on my morning toast or a quite frankly just on a spoon.

Realizing, as a result of my move to London, that I would no longer be making frequent weekend trips to Montreal I decided to make my own chocolate spread. My wife shared an old recipe from her restaurant days – if I only knew it was so easy to make from scratch! Delicious on a warm baguette, crumpets or a simple white loaf. A current fave is a toasted milk bread that I discovered in The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard, I love it because the proofing time is short and the dash of maple syrup in the dough makes it great for toasting and of course for spreading the chocolate love.

Andrea's Chocolate Spread Recipe


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